CheatSearch Webmasters Info

Do you own a video game cheat site? If so, then we want to send you traffic!

What We Need From You

Use our contact form and send us the following details in the Message section:

  • Your site's name
  • Your site's URL
  • Link to a comma separated value (CSV) file of your site index

Your CSV index file must include each game's Game Name, Game System, and URL, separated by commas and enclosed in quotes. You can optionally include a Last Updated date for each game, which may improve your search rankings (see below). Here's an example of a CSV index file:

"Halo 3","360","","2011-07-04"
"Tekken 5","PS2","","2010-01-01"
"Wii Fit","Wii","","2011-05-03"

You can update your feed as often as you want. We download and re-index all feeds every night, so your latest cheats are always in our search results.

What You Get From Us

Once we have your feed indexed, we'll send you traffic. It's that simple. When people search for cheats on our site, links to matching cheats on your site will appear in our search results.

How We Rank Our Results

We like cheats, but we don't like real cheaters. So just like the big search engines do in order to avoid webmasters gaming the system and maintain a level playing field, we keep our exact search algorithms top secret. We will say, however, that the following factors all play some role in our search result rankings. These are in no particular order:

  • Number of inbound links from your site to CheatSearch
  • Number of actual visitors you send to CheatSearch
  • Completeness of your cheat content
  • Update frequency of your CSV feed
  • Inclusion of LastUpdated field in CSV feed
  • Unique clicks on your search results
If you have additional questions about our Webmasters program, please direct your inquiry to Allison Espinosa, our Business Development Manager, using our contact form.